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Business News – New drone rules to help startups, SMEs boost innovation: Nasscom

The Ministry of Civil Aviation on Thursday unveiled the new drone rules. This will boost innovation, help small and medium-sized enterprises and startups and create new growth opportunities, said the National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom).

“We welcome the government’s decision to liberalize norms for operating Drones in the country for both commercial and non-commercial purposes under the new Drone Rules, 2021,” the non-governmental trade body said in a statement.

This will not only usher new growth opportunities but will also enable Startups and SMEs to create innovative use cases and applications in various sectors like e-commerce, mining, healthcare, emergency response, logistics among others, it added.

“The new rules will enable the industry to fully leverage technology to drive innovation in critical growth sectors. From precise interventions in farming over large areas to delivering medicines in far reaches of the country to delivering goods with zero human contact,” Nasscom added.

Moreover, the liberalised regime for civilian drones is progressive and should provide a strong fillip to the growth of the sector in India, it stated.

Nasscom also asked the government to address the key concerns of the industry, including the need to reassess the No-Permission-No-Takeoff (NPNT) requirement. The notification provides for flexibility in the implementation of NPNT and gives a minimum lead time of six months for compliance.

Further, the rules abolish certain approvals, reduce the number of permissions required and ease zoning restrictions, ultimately improving ease of doing business.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the new drone rules will tremendously help startups and youth in the sector. He also said it would open up new possibilities for innovation and business.

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