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Attention : Whatsapp is coming with paid subscription plan, platform is working on key features

Business News. WhatsApp is widely used all around the world and is also a free-for-all instant messaging platform. However, things are about to change for those who use WhatsApp Business accounts.

According to reports, the Meta-owned platform is working on some key features exclusively for the paid subscribers.

The features will be of course an optional one and those who do not wish to start a subscription plan with WhatsApp Business, will be able to use the platform’s free features as it is.

As per wabetainfo, WhatsApp is currently working on a redesigned interface for the ‘Linked Device’ section which will be available exclusively for WhatsApp Business account users.

In this elaborated and updated interface, WhatsApp will use a completely different description for multi-device, that will allow users to add multiple devices to their accounts so that several people in the business can interact with a customer in the same chat.

The ‘Linked Device’ feature works even when your main phone isn’t connected to a network. It can be accessed on multiple platforms such as computers, tablets apart from your smartphone.

In addition, the subscription plan will allow users to link up to 10 devices to their WhatsApp Business plan. As of now, one can only link up to four devices while using multi-device.

Well, this is not all. WhatsApp reportedly is working on many such features to be added to the next update leading up to the subscription plan for their Business account, which will make communicating with customers, carrying on work on the instant messaging app a lot for smoother and easier.

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